You Do Your Bit of Good, and That’s How You’ll Change the World.

You wouldn’t sit with Cynthia Chinoda for more than five minutes without imbibing her infectious enthusiasm, and passion for her career in the non-profit sector. As a Career Counselor with EDGE Skills Centre Inc., she works with EIA recipients and low-income participants in EDGE’s 6-month job readiness program.

I asked her to describe her work, and she smiled saying, “We are in the business of changing peoples lives”. It’s something she can claim with profound authenticity. Cynthia immigrated to Canada in 2010 as a Federal Skilled Worker and when she struggled to find meaningful work, she participated in a career readiness program similar to the one she works in now. This was life changing, and set her on this career path in the non-profit sector. “You get to know people’s stories, in this line of work”, she continues, “they are people in our communities, and you get to see on a case-by-case basis, that you’ve actually changed someone’s life. Nothing could replace that”.